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Hey What's Happening? #1 - Vegan Fast Food

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Hey! What’s? Happening - a new monthly series looking at the trends that are approaching, happening and important to the Hey What team and it's clients. First up, is me, on the rise of Vegan Fast Food in the high street.

Carrot, Your, Aubergine, High-Street, Turnip, Is, Broccoli, Changing, The fast show had a sketch years ago about a drinking game where you had to say vegetables in between each word, it’s a classic.

Now the way high street fast-food is changing is very similar. Between every other shop you can bet there are Vegan establishments popping up. Burger joints are turning into vegan kebab shops, restaurants serving meat platters and lasagne from well known Italian’s are going bust and being bought up by salad bars and Greggs is releasing a whole vegan menu. The vegetables are winning.

There’s no surprise it’s changing and let’s be honest, it's probably for the better. Deforestation, health benefits the list goes on, but the speed that it’s changing and adapting is vast. According to a recent YouGov paper, 7% of the UK population considers themselves vegan and 14% flexitarian. This means a big change in the way we are viewing and eating food and it’s only going to increase.

Social media pages, like Vegan Food UK are reporting new vegan releases and changes to menus and have told us "We live in a time now when supermarkets seem to be competing to have more vegan food than the others."

As we eagerly await the next Piers Morgan Veganroll gate, what’s next? Who’s going to take the plunge? Will it sell out? The high-street wants exactly that, to sell out. In a time when less people are actually shopping on the high-street they are running to the next vegan eatery to see what it’s like and probably instagram it, a sure fire win to get people through the doors.

According to research from The Hospital Group, Bath is the vegan capital of the UK, with 153 vegan-friendly restaurants, and a huge 360,000 vegan-related Google searches each month. In second place is Manchester, we're sure Bristol will soon be up there in the rankings.

New York cultural consultancy Sparks and Honey are an agency that predicts trends and culturally significant changes by using a plethora of fancy things and data, they recently predicted that Clean Chic - would be a new movement, but what’s next? They predict Green Pet Food, so we might be looking at Pedigree Veg rather than the chum our beloveds have been used to.





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