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I've returned from parental leave and have a new job role, Managing Director. It is the first time in our Hey! What? history that my role has been solely focussed on the agency not in the agency, it feels great to be back and I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Over the last 7 months the agency has had some significant changes and we're now in a position to continue in learning, adapting and strengthening internally and externally for our very valued team and clients.

We've hired and strengthened the accounts team with Dan joining as Account Director to allow for these changes and with any period of change we have had some time of reflection.

Cue the montage with music for our own development run-down... in a John Hughes 80's film style.

My main areas of focus are initially internal, and in the last 7 weeks of being back, we've updated a lot to collectively achieve our agency goals for the next 12 months and beyond.

Company Culture

I think outwardly on socials and reputation our culture has always been one of fun, frolics and a fair bit of beer, and why not?

Over the next few months the team are going to be updating our case studies and socials to showcase all the work that actually goes on in the agency. We're immensely proud of what we do and can't wait to update and share.

I've always wanted our internal culture to be one of respect, growth, and expertise offering each individual the chance to progress and grow in the skills they want to. When you feel part of a team your engagement and productivity are progressive and innovative rather than feeling stagnant and we're very conscious of ensuring everyone has the development opportunities they need.

We have changed a lot in the last 5 years, growing and developing. This has meant that, believe it or not, we haven't been perfect when it comes to some of the nitty gritty so... next montage piece incoming.

Team Development

Everyone has been given brand new shiny job descriptions and along with it revised personal development objectives. Yes its a given that this is what should happen in an agency, and it has in a few guises in the last few years, but it hasn't been good enough. Now we have grown I have the time and focus to get the development progressed properly.

Studio Processes

We were lucky enough to be awarded an Innovate EDGE UKRI grant and as part of this have been undertaking training on agile methodology. We've been reviewing the ways we work both for us and the benefit of our clients. More to come on that soon!

There's been a huge focus on our own development in the last 7 weeks... which I'm so happy to get the backing and support from the whole agency on.

The final montage piece will be our new showreel. Watch this space.


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