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At Hey! What?, we recognise the vital importance of promoting sustainable practices, not just within our industry but in our everyday actions and the choice of providers we collaborate with. Sustainability is not a trend for us – it is at the core of our beliefs is considered in every decision we make.

1. Energy Consumption:

  • Our landlords source our energy from a provider that delivers 54% of its energy from renewable sources. Furthermore, the energy provider is committed to a Net Zero emissions target by 2050.

  • We are in talks with them about switching this to a Green Energy tariff that uses 100% renewable sources.

  • Our workspace is designed to maximise natural light, reducing the dependence on artificial lighting.

  • Power-saving settings on computers and monitors are always enabled to minimise energy consumption during idle periods.

2. Sustainable Commuting and Travel:

  • We endorse a bike-to-work scheme to encourage eco-friendly commuting.

  • For local meetings and short-distance travels, the use of electric scooters is promoted.

  • Flexible working policies are in place, enabling our team members to reduce their carbon footprint through less frequent commutes.

  • We actively support and encourage remote work, further minimising commuting-related emissions.

3. Office Practices:

  • Our office operates on a virtually paperless policy, with digital devices being employed for illustrations, presentations, and day-to-day tasks.

  • We've eschewed air conditioning in favour of natural ventilation to minimise energy consumption.

  • Cloud-based solutions are prioritised, which reduces the need for on-site energy-intensive servers and data centres.

4. Ethical Business Operations:

  • We maintain a strict policy against collaborating with clients that could be detrimental to our planet’s environment. This includes sectors like mining, tobacco, gambling, and non-sustainable food companies.

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:

  • Strict recycling practices are in place, ensuring that waste is minimised and resources are optimally utilised.

  • Digital solutions are preferred over paper in all administrative tasks.

  • Any electronic waste generated, such as outdated computers, monitors, and peripherals, is recycled or disposed of following local regulations and sustainability best practices.

6. Education & Advocacy:

  • We commit to ongoing education for our team about the best sustainable practices, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of sustainability in our industry.

  • Furthermore, we will advocate for sustainable practices within our industry, pushing for wider change beyond our immediate environment.

7. Continuous Improvement:

  • We are committed to regularly assessing and revising this policy, seeking areas where we can further improve and enhance our sustainable practices.


Through this policy, we aim to be more than just a digital platform. We strive to be a model for sustainable practices and a beacon of hope for a brighter, more sustainable future.


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