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I started to think about writing this blog with the worry that it would turn out like all the other generic ‘our workplace is great blogs'. You know, the ones you read before you work with a company or want to work there? They’re something of a tick-box exercise in employee retention, and if you lack a culture in the first place, it's hard to not go down this path. Luckily this list is a bit of us...

There’s nothing wrong with writing a list though, so I started to compile everything that contributes to our culture. It’s uniquely us. I asked our team what they think about it too, of course!

Having a happy Song

Yep, it’s true that we’re total music nerds in the studio. Lots of DJs, guitar players and some questionable Spotify DJs, and obviously the world's greatest dancers! But nothing, and I mean nothing, can get us going like this classic.

We’re not sure how it started, and definitely not sure why, but if someone drops it, our arms reach into the air and all swing in unison. I’m not making this up.

Meg’s Eggs

Luckily we share an office with Duchess Media a social and PR agency for some of the best venues in Bristol. They are also the biggest foodies ever. They like to cook, and we like to eat, so it's a pretty good match.

Eggs are served once a week, to anyone who fancies them. Thank you Meg for making us eggs and being ace at it.

Scoot Scoot or Ring Ring

We want to make sure that everyone has the ability to get to work and to get around Bristol easily, so we offer the Cycle To Work scheme and also a monthly Voi scooter pass to our team. Great for client meetings across town too!

Annual Team Trips

In 2022 we kicked off our trips by taking the studio to OFFF Festival in Barcelona (you can read all about here) It not only cemented our friendships inside the studio and out, but it galvanized our love for creativity and innovation. It meant we all got to discuss why we do what we do, alongside some excellent holiday vibes. We’ve now decided that we will do an annual trip.

Catching up outside of work

We don’t ask anyone to meet up outside of work, but it just seems to happen due to our passions leading us to the same places and spaces. Yes, sometimes that is the pub on a Friday lunchtime. Some people dog-sit for others or hang out at galleries and gigs. It can’t just be a coincidence, can it?

Obviously, we have lots of work-related benefits that come alongside this that are and should be a given in the modern working world. Sometimes culture isn’t about policies and retention rates; it's about the people who make it work.

We asked the team for some of their feedback about the culture of Hey! What? I didn’t bribe them.

Freedom from the grind. Freedom to express

An opportunity to flex creative muscles by turning my hobbies and talents into work and never feel like I have to work again. A chance to fully explore my curiosity and not feel like a cog in a system, whilst always feeling like I’m progressing forwards.

A safe and supportive place to create and explore. Easygoing and happy. :))

A place where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the team, whether it's our ideas, our opinions, or an unfunny joke.

An honest and creative space to work with a tight-knit group of legends

So that's a bit of us, now you know. Looking forward to more of the same in 2023.


Meg’s Egg’s Recipe:

And, if you’re wondering how to make your work culture better, try making your team Meg’s Eggs, preferably served on a toasted bagel or crumpet with loads of Tabasco.

  • Generous knob of butter

  • 30 secs in the microwave until melted.

  • Two eggs per person,

  • bit of salt and pepper,

  • Whisk the shit out of it,

  • Back in the microwave for a minute,

  • Whisk the shit out of it,

  • Then increments of 30/40 secs until you’ve got the desired consistency.

The key is to whisk the shit out of them when you take it out


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